Still alive, but what happened?

Almost three months without publishing anything. It’s a lot, I know it but I had a time without inspiration. I’ve been painting very bad and I ruined plenty of the miniatures I had been working on. But don’t worry, I painted a couple of things you’ll like.

I’ll finish the Titan and a couple of works, but I’m going to store the other miniatures and reset my workspace, my projects and my mind. Now I have a completely new project almost ready to be started. You’ll have news very soon.

And now here you have what you really want: new miniatures again!



They’re a dwarf squad painted for one of my bests friend’s birthday. I enjoyed a lot painting them. I did it so fast using speed-painting techniques like drybrush plus washes, airbrush shines and easy contrasts.

Hope you like them and sorry for leaving the blog so many time… but remember: new (and large) project incoming!